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The Palms - by PVII
The Palms - by PVII
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Praise for the Kristin Ashe Mystery Series:

“I’m traditional and conservative only when it comes to reading for pleasure. I like the genres to observe their conventions, and I agree with the Detection Club’s rules for mystery writers, as set out by Dorothy L. Sayers. Thus it’s surprising that I was completely engrossed in a “whydunit,” Commitment to Die, by Jennifer L. Jordan. …Jordan is brilliant at capturing the dynamics of a family with an elephant in the living room. Big issues about society’s response to disability are folded seamlessly into a surprisingly suspenseful, eminently readable story.
- Nan Cinnater, Books To Watch Out For

“Five-star review for Unbearable Losses! Jordan has written an inventive tale that centers around Winter Park, Colorado and the Denver area. Her plot and action are non-stop. She injects fun into her characters, even as they struggle with life issues. She weaves layers and layers of intrigue into her tale, which is hard to put down. A wonderful read for a wintry day, or perhaps a great beach read!”
- Shelley Glodowski, Midwest Book Review

“Jennifer L. Jordan instantly became one of my favorite lesbian mystery writers with the publication of Commitment to Die. Unbearable Losses is a near-perfect mix of lesbian social comedy and strongly-plotted mystery, with believable characters, real issues, and mounting suspense. Although this is perhaps Jordan’s most traditional mystery, it’s worth nothing that none of her books are actually about murders. Jordan employs some unique premises in order to deal with the more interesting questions of “why” and “how” instead of “whodunit.”
- Nan Cinnater, Books To Watch Out For

Unbearable Losses, one of Nan Cinnater’s ‘Favorite Mysteries of 2006.’”
- Books To Watch Out For

A Safe Place to Sleep
The First Kristin Ashe Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jordan

Kristin Ashe is a successful young entrepreneur who does investigative work for women in her spare time. Destiny Greaves, a well-known activist and the “most famous lesbian in Denver,” comes to her with an unusual request. She wants Kristin to find her childhood.

When Destiny was four, she lost both parents in a car accident. Because she has no memory of them, or of herself as a young girl, she asks Kristin to reconstruct her life through other people's memories. This seemingly simple task becomes increasingly complex as Kristin finds herself hunting for the missing pieces of her own childhood as well.

Existing Solutions
The Second Kristin Ashe Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jordan

When lesbian activist Destiny Greaves asks P.I. Kristin Ashe to find her biological father - the man who raped her mother - both their lives are turned upside down.

Thanks to help from brash ex-nun Fran Green, Kris has no trouble finding the man. But understanding what happened more than thirty years ago, the night Destiny was conceived - is much more difficult.

For starters, Destiny’s father, Richard Freeman, has recently been recognized for his volunteer efforts with the Monarch Center, a local rape crisis center. In a race against Freeman’s increasing psychological hold over Destiny, Kris must find out exactly what’s going on at the Monarch Center, a task complicated by her struggles with her own father… and by the realization that she is falling in love with Destiny.

Commitment to Die
The Third Kristin Ashe Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jordan

Lauren Fairchild hiked to a remote Colorado lake and committed suicide – that much seems sure. But why? Why would she abandon her only sister, her beloved niece, and her raven-haired, hazel-eyed lover? What mysterious anniversary did Lauren celebrate just days before dying? Where had she really gone every two weeks – when her date book showed “doctor’s” appointments? And who among her lovers, relatives, and friends was hiding crucial information about Lauren’s death?

That’s what part-time P.I. Kristin Ashe must discover, all the while coping with her own demons – the heartbreak of her brother’s near-death, and her rocky relationship with beautiful lesbian activist Destiny Greaves. Good thing Kris can count on help from Fran Green, a straight-talking, queer-thinking ex-nun with attitude.

Unbearable Losses
The Fourth Kristin Ashe Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jordan

Twenty years ago, four young women set out on a backcountry ski trip in the Colorado Rockies.

Four days later, only three emerged alive.

It’s now Christmastime in Denver, and private investigator Kristin Ashe believes the tragedy relates to recent threats at a daycare center owned by Lori Parks. However, when her client is less than forthcoming, Kristin has to find other ways to uncover the truth about the ill-fated excursion.

Fran Green, Kristin’s feisty sidekick, wants to help, but she’s addicted to snowboarding and facing a crisis of her own.

As Kristin’s investigation takes her deep into the snowy mountains, she must race through the past and present in order to prevent further unbearable losses.

Selective Memory

The Fifth Kristin Ashe Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jordan

“I have thirty days to decide whether to have an affair....”

This line, uttered by Carolyn O’Keefe, lures P.I. Kristin Ashe into following and investigating the woman Carolyn plans to pursue. From the start, Kris has misgivings about the work, but her unease turns to rage when Carolyn reveals the object of her interest. The more Kris learns about Carolyn O’Keefe and her strange past, the more frightening the results.

At the same time, real-estate developer Roberta Franklin has hired Kris and Fran Green, the feisty ex-nun, to determine whether the mansion she wants to convert into condos is haunted. When Kris, Fran and a paranormal investigator spend the night in the dilapidated structure, they soon discover there’s as much complicated drama in the spirit world as there is in the real world...


The Sixth Kristin Ashe Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jordan

Alexandra Madigen is a classic pianist experiencing profound memory loss after a near-fatal accident. Unable to trust the perceptions of her partner, friends or family, Alexandra turns to Private Investigator Kristin Ashe to help reconstruct her life in the months leading up to the crash.

When her memories return in fits and flashes—not all of which she shares with Kristin—they reveal a twenty-year obsession with another woman.

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Jennifer L. Jordan, author of the Lambda Literary Award nominated Kristin Ashe mystery series, divides her time between Denver and Winter Park, Colorado. For more information and to read excerpts from her books, please visit her website.