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The Palms - by PVII
The Palms - by PVII
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by Dani O'Connor

Picking up where A Poem for What's Her Name left off, Same Socks Marriage continues the journey of Dani O'Connor.

Forced to accept the death of her twin sister, Doc must learn that her own existence is not based on her sister’s identity. In order to get on with her life, Doc must find a way to let other people inside. Along the way, she reestablishes a close bond with her brother and befriends a young couple from college.

As life's lessons meet Doc at every turn, she ultimately discovers that sharing her life and planning a future with the woman of her dreams is the most miraculous and magnificent voyage of all.


by Dani O'Connor

Doc has given up on love. After a number of disastrous dates with women she met on an Internet dating site, the college professor has fully resigned herself to the fact that the perfect woman just doesn’t exist. Fully prepared for a lifetime of loneliness, she is amazed to find a message in her inbox worth reading twice.

Pulling herself out of dating retirement for one last attempt, Doc soon discovers that her sarcastic Internet profile is about to lead her toward a life-changing weekend. A Poem for What’s Her Name is the story of Doc’s humorous and clumsy journey with her newfound nameless muse.


by Dani O'Connor

Grayson Thomas is the typical college senior with typical friends, a typical job and typical insecurities about her future.

Then one Sunday morning, Gray’s life becomes a little less typical when she sees a man clad in black... and soon starts to doubt her own sanity.

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Dani O’Connor is a former teacher, starving artist and moderately
successful business owner. She was born in a small Wyoming town but currently resides near Dallas with her partner, a multitude of animals and a growing collection of Converse and cowboy shirts.