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The Palms - by PVII
The Palms - by PVII
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by Ruth Perkinson

Fresh out of high school and on a full scholarship to play collegiate basketball at UVA, Piper Leigh Cliff returns to her childhood home in Virginia. Upon her arrival, Piper reconnects to a past she had willfully and willingly long forgotten. Demons still linger in her hometown. Most notably, her grandfather and his friend Clover, who is still fuming mad over an encounter with Piper six years earlier.

Returning to roots that are dark, roots that are secret, and roots that lead to an uncertain future, Piper finds out the past is not the heaviest burden to carry. It is the mind she was born with: a daunting genius bearing down on her that threatens to take everything away, including her life.

This time she’s fighting a battle to hold on to the one thing she’s always counted on: her mind.

by Ruth Perkinson

It seemed as though life couldn’t get any worse for feisty, young Piper Leigh Cliff and her three-legged dog, Someday.

After losing her parents and brother in a drunk driving accident, she and her dog are forced to live in what she calls the “grossest looking apartment complex” in Goochland County, Virginia. Soon after, she begins to deal with even more trauma as she’s swept up in a maelstrom that includes her grandfather and his cross-eyed lackey friend, Clover—two old rednecks in love with booze, Nascar, and jaunts to the local bar. Left alone to fend for herself, Piper passes the time by shooting basketball, hanging out at her fort, and smoking stolen cigarettes from her grandfather.

Piper’s luck begins to change, however, when two women move in just three doors down. The trio soon forge a relationship, despite all the warnings from Piper’s grandfather.

Then, when someone attempts to have his way with Piper, the wheels of fate go into motion, leading everyone to the county pound, juvenile domestic court, and a revelation that will change the course of Piper’s life forever. Through this, the lessons of shame, guilt, and what it means to be loyal resound in the most unexpected ways.

When Piper’s own Amber Alert goes off, Lord only knows what will happen next.

by Ruth Perkinson

Vera Curran is in love with her own repression. She’s a forty-year-old Republican lesbian librarian from a rural county in Virginia who gladly sustains her life by doing the same insipid routine day in and day out. She wakes up, treks through her "shelving in the 900’s" days, and puts milk bones out for the dog each night before curling up to read a book and watch the world through her window.

Vera hasn’t had sex in years…and has forgotten exactly why. Then out of nowhere there is a new member of the faculty – Frankie Bourdon – an ex-Navy pilot who left the military to teach high school and to try and change the public school’s curriculum by adding homosexual sex education. Before you know it, the two begin to forge a relationship that begins on a simple sticky note. Soon Vera is reminded of exactly what it is that she has been missing in life...


"With prose as slow and tangy-sweet as molasses, Perkinson has Vera tell her story to nephew Kyle, who is writing a paper on homosexuality for a psychology class. It is a story of opening up, of feeling and seeing and taking risks, and of loss. A great book to read on the sofa in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea."
- Books to Watch Out For (Vol. 3, No. 7)

Vera's Still Point is a romance about rediscovering forgotten passions. Vera Curran, a forty-year-old Republican lesbian librarian, has lived alone in a comfortable, yet mind-numbingly boring routine for years, watching the world pass her by. She hasn't had sex in years and repressed the desire so thoroughly she has forgotten why she once desired it. When a brand new faculty member, Frankie Bourdon, dares to try to change the public school's curriculum by adding homosexual sex education, Vera begins to remember, and the two of them gradually forge a lasting bond. A powerful love story about both the connections that people forge, and the trauma and isolation that results when homophobic communities and family members exclude adults, teachers, and teenaged children who happen to be gay. Highly recommended.
- Mary Cowper, Reviewer - Midwest Book Review

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Ruth Perkinson lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her two dogs, Scout and River.