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The Palms - by PVII
The Palms - by PVII
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June, 2007
KATHERINE V. FORREST joins Spinsters Ink

We couldn't be happier! Award winning author and editor Katherine V. Forrest has agreed to join the staff of Spinsters Ink as our Editorial Supervisor.

In her new role, Katherine will be reviewing manuscripts and working with directly with authors through the editorial process. We asked Katherine to share her thoughts on this new venture and here's what she had to say:

Q: What's brought you back into editing, and especially for Spinsters Ink?

A: Some really good reasons. Since the publication of Curious Wine, I've published fourteen more books and a number of anthologies. It's been well over a decade since I was supervising editor at Naiad Press, back during the grand old days when lesbian-feminist literature was really taking off. I've continued to edit since then, but all along I've missed that close, direct association with a publishing house focused on work dedicated to the lives of women. SPINSTERS publisher Linda Hill and I serve as members of the Board of Trustees of the Lambda Literary Foundation, and this has given me an opportunity to get to know her. I have the highest regard for her ability. Her presence in publishing is very important to us and I want to support her in any way I can. Plus--the chance to be a part of the rebirth and continuation of Spinsters Ink is a wonderful assignment.

Q: What's so special about Spinsters?

A: It's published some of our greats. Judy Grahn, Audre Lorde, Sally Miller Gearhart, Minnie Bruce Pratt, many more. One of our most famous ground-breaking classics came out from Spinsters: That Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color by Gloria Anzaldua and Cherie Moraga. Not only is the press one of our most respected, it's one of our oldest, and was founded by two writers--Maureen Brady and Judith McDaniel, in 1978. When the press moved to San Francisco in 1982 under Sherry Thomas, she published some of our most significant books. Then it moved to Minnesota, to be headed by the splendid writer and activist, Joan Drury. In 2001 it was in Denver, under Sharon Silvas, who brought back into print The Wanderground by Sally Miller Gearhart, as well as new works of fiction by her and other writers. I feel honored to be a part of the continuation of so storied a press.

Q: How do you see your role at Spinsters?

A: I'll be editing and doing manuscript analysis and working closely with Linda. Every writer needs an editor--an editor being, basically, someone who can clearly articulate craft and very credibly act as a stand in for the reader--and good editing is a necessity in small press publishing. I have decades of experience in writing, teaching and editing, and a strong reputation as an editor who works very well with writers because I'm one of the sorority myself. I look forward to putting all of this to good use, to help Linda find the writers I'll be working with to publish the best possible books for wonderful Spinsters Ink.

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